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March 4, 2004
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Venus (Final) by Cavale Venus (Final) by Cavale
Mouse & photoshop

Edit : It really wasn't my plan of editing this piece...I had considered it a done deal...BUT, Since many comments where agreeing on the facts that the hair looks a tad too much on the rough still, I had to (my perfectionalism couldn't let it go)...worked on them hair again... I tried not to over do it... Hope it is right this time.

I have try again a new technique.... no layers this time!!!
I wanted to work on my anatomy (neck area) and this picture had very detailed structure... It was also a great opportunity to work on the hair (I think I still nead practice... It would help to have a tablet....sigh)

The original can be fond here : [link]
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thats amazing!
Beautiful piece of art :)
Cavale Jan 4, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much^^
this is great man but you should put your signature somwhere else in the picture
henning Oct 2, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
I really like this drawing. Both colors, composition and the brush strokes are spot on :-) The hair looks very nice too...
Cavale Oct 4, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks you so much for your comment!:D

I like the colors on this one also, the skin colors are fresh and delicates. That's a point I have lost a bit in my recent projects, perhaps I should go back to my sources...;) :P
Kalin Jun 11, 2004   Digital Artist
Lovely airbrushing on the neck. Its very defined...quite perfectly...and that hair must have taken you a zillion years :D
Cavale Jun 13, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! Yeah, fine hair aren't easy to render with a mouse, I'm very happy to have my tablet now.
Though this piece ain't the one that took me the longer to render. :D
pat-mcmichael Apr 15, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
Beautiful....I was looking at your gallery, you are VERY talented...
I love the smoothness of her features !!! I've been using photoshop since 1988 ( yes, i'm an old goat) but i've never used it to make pictures like you do!!!
I notice you put one of my drawings in your favorite list (thank you).
You have a very interesting favorites gallery ( all good stuff).
Cavale Apr 15, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks you very much! I means much comming frim an artist I just discovered but already respect greatly....

LOL.... well, I'm a bit of an old timer also, I started using Photoshop at the begining of 90, along illustrator and freehand when I studied for my graphic designer diploma. But life can take weird twist and turns and I never worked in that field, so I stopped for about 15 years without really touching thoses medias...
I just started recently to draw again (CG and traditionnal). I guess it was, between other things, all those thoughts like. " hey! I can do that also... " that pushed toward art again.

Yes... my Fav gallery is very varied, I will fav either art that astound me, or when I saw great effort has been put in the making of the art... I guess it's my way of encouraging artists that are good but unseen.
My own gallery is varied too as a matter of facts, I tried lots of things but frankly, I think realism and semi-realism are my "niche"...

Thanks again for your nice comment!
P.s. forgive my english.... It's not my first language..
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